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Top 9 Most Common Type of Wife Found in South Asia

Whole world thinks for some reason that women are oppressed in the areas of South Asia. They are not educated and forced to marry without their will. South Asian countries like Pakistan and India have a very bad image when it comes to women because negative media that has nothing else to do. It is not common if women are forced to marry someone they don’t like and it is not always the husband that beats wife. Most of the times it’s the husbands crying and getting beatings. Here I am sharing with you the 9 type of wife found in South Asian region according to married men.

1 –   The Innocent Wife

This type of wife is considered a blessing. Such wives are very rare to find. After all how many people you know that are good from heart. Such innocent wives make their husband’s life a heaven on earth. However, these innocent creatures can also be misused and they can’t speak up for themselves. They won’t say anything until their family comes to save them.

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2 –   The Dumb Wife

Literacy rate is not very good among women in South Asian region. So it is actually easy to find this type of wife. These wives are extremely foolish and often carry out acts that shock everyone. They would believe and do anything others tell them. If someone tells that their husband is cheating on them then they won’t ask for proof. Later no matter what husbands tells them they won’t believe him. You can guess what’s next to come.

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3 –   The Rural Wife

This is my favourite type of wife. These women usually belong to a village. Rural women work hard along with their men and then do everything for their man’s happiness. They don’t ask for more, they don’t care about career and are happy with what they have.

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4 –   The Liberal Wife

This type of wife can compared to feminazis. These women won’t listen to their husband and don’t care about his family. Usually career is their actual husband and to be honest, these kind of women most often ends up cheating. Yep, that’s not just the husband. If husband is to say anything, he should be prepared to face consequences.

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5 –   The Manly Wife

This dangerous type of wife is the actually husband in marriage. You may not believe but I have seen such women beating the hell out of their husbands. These wives are also very common and husbands are actually scared of their them and their beating. The day man acted a little manly, there comes her family to take out the little of dignity he had mustered.

Type of wife in South Asia manly

6 –   The Clever Wife

It is another common type of wife where women easily gets her way in everything. She splits the husband from his family then there is no one to stop her from evil motives. Husband thinks her wife is best but actually she just acting nice and innocent.

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7-   The Crying Wife

Another very common type of wife who has nothing else to do but cry. You see men melt when they see tears of woman. If husband yelled, she will start crying. If there is any issue with mother-in-law, she will start crying. It is because she keeps crying everyone thinks that she is being oppressed. No one sees the internal tears of her husband.

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8 –   The Fighting Wife

These women have nothing to do but always fight. Even if husband comes late from work, she will start fighting about it. The fight may not be physical but words hurt more than punches. These women make their husband’s life hell. He works all day just to earn for her and she can’t give him a moment of peace.

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9 –   The Disappointed Wife

I would call this type of wife the worst of all. She is the ungrateful woman who is nothing but disappointed. She may be disappointed with herself but says it is because of her husband. No matter what her man does, she will always find something negative even in the most positive gesture. She don’t like her husband’s looks, his salary, his house, his family and certainly his sex. She won’t be happy even if you get a diamond necklace. Oh, poor husbands… I will soon also write on the types of husband in South Asia so keep visiting.

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