How Transgender Dress and Look in Different Countries Around the World

Transgender or transsexual is third gender group found all around the world. We usually differentiate people in only two genders despite having the knowledge that there are more genders. Transgender are a minority that is why they don’t get all the rights they deserve. Transgender dress can either be feminine or masculine as it is up to them. There are some countries where they never have any issue and there are some countries where they are not even accepted. They even have to spend most of their life hiding their identity.

I support them and believe that they should be given the respect and rights given to any male or female. I know how transgender are in my country so I got curious how they are different in other countries. Here I am sharing with you pictures of transgender in different countries.

Transgender Dress in Afghanistan

The teen in right is a transgender. Afghanistan is conservative country where most of the transgender still hide their identities. This the only image I found on internet of Afghani transgender.

Transgender dress in Afghanistan


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Transgender Dress in America:

Usually most transgender dress like a woman and like a slutty one to be honest. Following picture says it all.

Transgender dress in America image

Transgender in India:

Most transgender in India also choose to dress like a woman. They are usually found begging or working as a dancer and sex trader though the sex part is beyond my wisdom as a straight man. Following picture may get you to understand me.

Transgender dress in India image

Transgender in Japan:

Following Japanese transgender is also a political/social worker. Most Japanese transgender dress like women and how they look can guessed from following image.

Transgender dress in Japan

Transgender in France:

I may be wrong but according to my research, transgenders are treated equally in France with most rights in the world. Below is the image of a French transgender dressed unisex with girly look who is also a model. Should I reconsider my interest if I find her attractive?

Transgender dress in France image


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Transgender in Pakistan:

Transgender dress like both women and men in Pakistan. They are most commonly found working as singers and dancers in private parties. Those who can’t dance start begging.

Transgender dress in Pakistan image


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Transgenders in Spain:

Well, judging from picture below, Spain must be beautiful country. Following is an image of Spanish transgender dressed like female.

Transgender dress in Spain image

Transgender Dress in Saudi Arabia:

I want to tell you how transgender look in Saudi Arabia but I really can’t.  I mean how can I tell how they look judging from the picture below. That is how transgender dress in Saudi Arabia because of Saudi laws.

Transgender dress in Saudi Arabia image

Transgender in England:

Transgender are treated nicely in England. Following picture is from beauty pageant for transgenders.

Transgender dress in England image

Transgender in Nigeria:

Following is an image of two Nigerian transgender participating in a modelling show.

Transgender dress in Nigeria image

Transgender in Russia:

It was really difficult to find transgender pictures in Russia. This was the only image I could found of a Russian transgender.

Transgender dress in Russia image

Transgender in Thailand:

These transgender are the from the same country as infamous Bangkok toyboys. Transgender are usually very attractive in Thailand. Most of them earn as sex worker.

Transgender dress in Thailand image


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