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Top 10 Secret Personality Grooming Hacks of Male Celebrities

Everyone wants to look good. We do everything possible to look our best. Do you know who always look best? Celebrities! In addition, they don’t even look like they are trying to look good. But they still do. Girls are expert in fashion and makeup. It is always obvious that all girls are always wearing makeup. Unlike girls, we men can’t use any makeup on our face. It is just not a fashion in men to wear makeup. It would be easier for us if we know grooming hacks of male celebrities.

So, how can men look handsome and groomed without wearing makeup. After all, we have to maintain our personality too. We also have to socialize and meet people. We feel confident when we know that we look good. This is why, grooming oneself is a need. I have done my research. I read blogs, watched interviews of famous stylists. So, here I am sharing with you the top 10 secret personality grooming hacks of male celebrities that only their stylist know.

1 –   Know Your Hairstyle

It is very important to know what hairstyle suits you best. Hairstyle has an enormous impact on your personality. Following picture shows the same actor Simon with different hairstyle. In addition to hairstyle, you should also know what beard style suits you best. Not every hairstylist can do this job. At least for one time, you should visit the most famous or expensive stylist in your area. He/ She will analyse what’s best for you with their fashion sense. One of the grooming hacks of male celebrities is their good hairstylist.

Grooming hacks of male celebrities Simon
See the change in personality from changing hairstyle.

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2 –   Eyebrow Plucking 

Grooming hacks of male celebrities eyebrows image
See Brad’s Eyebrows

Having eyebrows in shape is really important. It is one of grooming hacks of male celebrities. That is why their eyebrows look perfect. It doesn’t look like they have shaped them. Male celebrities don’t get their eyebrows done like girls. They only pluck the hair that are out of shape.

3 –   Face Waxing

One of the secret grooming hacks of male celebrities is face waxing. It is not very normal among men to wax their face. However, there are hair on face in unwanted places. For example, tiny hair on nose, cheeks or forehead. Hair are not visible normally but they put overall a bad effect. Don’t just go do any waxing. It can have side effects. I would suggest to visit a good stylist.

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4 –   Face Cleansing

Grooming hacks of male celebrities face cleansing gifFace cleaning is not done just once in a lifetime. Some dirt is left inside tiny face pores even if you wash your face regularly. Answer to that is face cleaning after a certain amount of time. It is one of secret grooming hacks of male celebrities that they get their face cleanse every now and then. For example, Justin Bieber gets his face cleanse before every concert.

5 –   Keep Trimming

Grooming hacks of male celebrities trimming image
Looks rough but it’s trimmed.

Always keep your beard and moustache trimming. First of all decide a beard and moustache style that suits you best according to your face. Some people look best clean shaved. Whatever style you choose, be sure to always keep it in shape. Buy a good shaving machine and keep using it regularly. It is important that is why it is one of grooming hacks of male celebrities.

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6 –   Body Fitness

Grooming hacks of male celebrities body image
Not heavy but nice looking body

Body fitness is really important for men. A good thing is that men can shape their body as they desire. First decide whether you need to gain or lose weight and workout accordingly. You don’t have to take pills or become a heavy bodybuilder. Just go to gym regularly for about 3 months and you will have a perfect body. You can see every celebrity has a good body. After all, it is one of secret grooming hacks of male celebrities.

7 –   Healthy Diet

You can do all face cleansing and waxing but for a natural beauty look, a healthy diet is necessary. Healthy diet doesn’t mean you have to eat like The Rock. Just drinking milk and eating a few fruits is more than enough. Also try to avoid unnecessary junk food.

Grooming hacks of male celebrities good side gif8 –   Know Your Good Side

One of secret grooming hacks of celebrities is they know how to take good pictures. In addition to all grooming, they look extra ordinarily good in pictures. You should decide a good pose that makes you look best. You should know your selfie face and position for group pictures.

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Grooming hacks of male celebrities dress size image9 –   Dress with Correct Size and Style

Dressing is a part of you. It is important to choose the dressing type that suits you. You can acquire the help of friends here. Second thing is to wear the correct size. Whether it is a T-shirt or a jacket, it should be of exact size according to your body. Too tight or loose clothes sabotage your personality.

10 –   Don’t Follow Fashion

It is one the least known grooming hacks of male celebrities that they don’t follow the fashion. When a fashion is out, everyone is doing it. We want to stand out and different from others. Don’t be afraid to try new. Let the fashion follow you instead. Wearing brand is not necessary. Just find the different style with correct size.

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