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These Top 10 Countries Are Constantly Fighting Wars For Many Years

We know a lot of countries enemy to each other and engaged in wars on some level. After World War I top countries fighting warsand World War II, any little conflict can cause a World War III that will cause mass destruction in whole world like never seen before. There are some wars that have recently caught world’s attention but in fact many countries have been in war with each other for a very long time. According to a World Peace report, there only 11 countries left in this world that are not engaged in any conflict. Let’s see 10 of the top countries fighting wars for many years.

1 –   United States of America:

USA fighting wars
US Soldiers in Iraq

Of all the countries in the world, America has caused and engaged most wars in history. You can find American soldiers in every country of the world. Before they finish one war, they always have two substitutes waiting in queue. Afghanistan, Russia, Syria, Japan, North Korea, Iran, Vietnam are few of the countries that have or had fought America. This is why, America is first in the list of top countries fighting wars with other nations.

2 –   Federal State of Russia:

Russia fighting wars

Once notorious by the name of Soviet Union, Russia has engaged in a number of wars with many countries. Since the end of Soviet Union, it has improved a great deal but we can still find its interference in many countries. Since the 19th century, Russia has engaged in conflicts with Turkey, China, USA, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Poland, Japan and Saud Arabia. Even today, it is involved in Syrian war and said to be in a cold war against United States. Russia is said to be one of three most powerful countries and definitely one of top countries fighting wars.

3 –  People’s Republic of China:

China fighting wars

China has also been fighting wars for quite a few centuries. Even before its revolution, it faced a number of wars with many different countries including Russia and Japan. China itself has faced many guerilla and proxy wars. It is only country today said to rival United States of America. Though it has many friend countries, it is still facing disputes with a number of neighbor countries including India. It is because of its power that it has more enemies thus making it one of the top countries fighting wars for many years.

4 –   Islamic Republic of Pakistan:

Pakistan fighting wars
Pakistan women soldiers from the Army Medical Corps march past long-range ballistic Shaheen III missiles during the Pakistan Day.

Pakistan has been in the condition of war since the time of its freedom in 1947. This partition didn’t end well with India and even after 60 years they are still engaged in dispute because of a conflicted area Kashmir. However, the biggest enemy Pakistan is facing are the Taliban terrorists inside this country. These terrorist are said to be created by America in Afghanistan that attack Pakistan with the support of India. In addition, Israel has also made many failed attempts to damage Pakistan.

Relations between USA and Pakistan are still somewhat confusing because of disagreement in some foreign policies. It never let its guard down since its freedom because they are also aware that Pakistan is one of the top countries fighting wars in the world for their own protection.

5 –   India:

India fighting wars

India is engaged in wars with Pakistan since the time of their freedom. They have fought multiple fully engaged battles with each other. India also don’t have very good relations with China and Portugal. Its internal rebels like Khalistani movement have helped it become one of the top countries fighting wars for decades.

6 –   Israel:

Israel fighting wars

Said to be controlling United States, Israel is one of the most powerful countries that doesn’t directly show its true power. Israel is hated because of the wars and attacks it engages on Muslim countries. It is always fighting some countries. Since Jewish didn’t have their own country, they took over Palestine and are currently wreaking a havoc for Muslims there. It is engaged in disputes with almost every Muslim country including Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen for decades. It also once attempted to take over Makah however failed.

7 –   Iran:

Iran fighting wars

One of the strongest Muslim countries, Iran has also been victim of conflict for many years. Most countries didn’t want it to become strong but despite all disagreements it still achieved a strong position thus making many enemies. Currently, Saudi Arabia and United States have made Iran one of the top countries fighting wars for many years whether internal or external.

8 –   Afghanistan:

Afghanistan fighting wars

Most of the Afghanistan is controlled by Taliban said to be once created by United States to fight against Soviet Union. Since then, those Taliban never left, grew stronger and rebel. These Taliban have also caused terrorism in neighbor countries hence destroying Afghanistan’s relations with them. Afghanistan is the country most effected by terrorism and is always is state of war making it one of top countries fighting wars.

9 –   Iraq:

Iraq top countries fighting wars

Iraq itself is not a very strong country but it is one of top countries fighting wars. The reasons is that, well, Israel and America happened here. Declaring this country terrorist, US invaded and overthrew its government. Since 19th century, Iraq has fought against, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, France, Canada, Egypt, Syria, Oman, UAE, Qatar and Italy. Plus internal terrorist groups like ISIS made it for difficult for them.

10 –   North Korea:

North Korea top countries fighting wars

Media has certainly spread a very dangerous image of North Korea. World thinks that North Korea is a villain country ruled by a mad king who is oppressing his nation and will destroy the whole world. Well, at least that’s what American controlled media says. North Korea also don’t have good relation with most countries as it refuses to obey USA every time. It is still in the state of war and has fought South Korea, China, Thailand, Yemen and Egypt in previous century. It was also involved in World Wars. Currently its relations are worst with USA and South Korea. If you like this article, then you must see Top 5 People Said To Be Controlling the World With Invisible Hands.


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