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Top 6 Points How Facebook is Evil and Attached to Us More Than Our Souls

Facebook is the biggest social media website with registered population of almost whole world. We all have a Facebook account and we regularly use it. Hardly a day ever goes by without opening Facebook. It’s like Facebook has become a part of our lives like a family member. We all use it but don’t know why we use it. A large number of people now believe that Facebook is evil and it is controlling our minds.

This is, in fact, true. Facebook is evil and it has taken over our minds without us realizing this. For example, tell me can you leave Facebook permanently? Majority answers NO to this question that leads to the second and more important question. Why can’t you leave Facebook? This is where people fail to answer. Today we are going to expose how Facebook is evil and has been using us for its benefit.

Facebook Has Stolen Your Identity

Tell me a thing, if some stranger comes to you and ask for your information like name, phone number, address and pictures, would you give him this all? Of course, a sensible answer to that is a clear ‘No’. Then tell me why do you trust Facebook? What is it that Facebook doesn’t know about you. It knows your location, your friends and family, your pictures, phone number, home address, email address, where you go every day and where you have been to. They even know when and how you are feeling. Do you even realise how sensitive that data is. Facebook knows more about you than your family. All it did was put a happy face in front and got everything. They are like world identity database.

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It Has Put You in Misconceptions

I know there are more social media websites like Instagram and Twitter but Facebook is the biggest and oldest that started all this. We all take selfies. Can you tell me why do you take selfies? Probably to upload online so people will compliment your looks. Some people may deny it but this is actually true. Taking selfie is actually a mental weakness you can Google it.

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So Facebook has put you in misconceptions about what you are using this. People have actually confused their lives with the life on Facebook. People show on Facebook what they are not and feel good about themselves. You take 100 selfies, select 1 that is best then upload it on Facebook and feel good when people compliment you. People will comment and like your picture even if it is bad because they want you to do the same. Rethink who you are, accept and then develop yourself.

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There is No Such Thing as Privacy on Facebook

I wouldn’t believe when I first read that Facebook is evil. There is actually no such thing as privacy on Facebook anymore. There was a time and you could set your privacy on Facebook. But now Facebook has removed that setting without notifying us. Everything you like, comment or where you are tagged on Facebook, all your friend list see it in their Newsfeed. You can’t change it back. They did this for business purposes. Go check your activity log settings.

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They are Spying on You

You think Facebook is a harmless website but actually they are spying on you 24/7. Right now, they know where you are and what you are doing. Whether you are travelling, sleeping or working; Facebook knows it. They have actually hacked your computer and mobiles with your own permission. Read terms and agreements when you install Facebook messenger. It gets your permission to always locate you, access to your mobile data, sim data, photos, video and contacts. Facebook can even make call or send a message from your mobile phone. It is really creepy if you think about how they are attached to you more than your soul.

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They Use Your Information for Advertisement

For Facebook you are just business. They sell you to advertisers as Facebook knows where you live, what you like and what you do. They don’t do random ads. If you play Football, you will often find ads related to sports in your Facebook News Feed. They even take surveys without you realising it to get to know you better. Advertisement is the only business of Facebook that we are aware of. Who knows what else they do with us. Whoever controls Facebook basically owns you. It proves that Facebook is evil and there are definitely risks of Facebook use.

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You Just Can’t Get Out of It!

It takes us back to the question I asked in second paragraph. Why can’t you stop using Facebook. Here I am writing how Facebook is evil and yet I use Facebook. I tried quitting it and can’t do it for more than 2 days. I feel like I am not a part of this world anymore and I am missing a part of myself. That’s how deeply Facebook is rooted in our souls.

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