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Top 5 Viral Pakistani Actresses gone controversial in 2017

Pakistan’s top 5 famous female actresses gone viral in 2017

In this piece of information, you will come across viral Pakistani actresses. Becoming viral on social media is not a tough job anymore if your appearance concise others attention. But when the charge of becoming viral is bound to famous personalities than ‘Viral Pakistani Actresses’ are going to be featured in this informational blog. The mainstream of judging genders especially women on clothing adore Islam and its teachings especially, in Pakistani society. Almost every year in Pakistan the label of Islamisation tenure women in confront way.

Coming towards the topic of my writing as whom has gained the most charismatic attention among female actresses of Pakistan in 2017 are going to be exaggerated in this topic of fame in a  glamorous way. So below are five of the renowned famous actresses of Pakistan who had become influentially viral on the mainstream of clothing.

Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor in US
Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor in the US
  1. Mahira Khan:

The ‘Humsafer’ actor has gained remarkable fame almost in every enchanting way in the world of glamour either you talk about serial or movie. With the abyss, her name is not ripped only into the Lollywood industry her senorita appearance with bold features had been synthesized in the Bollywood industry too. After her ‘Zalima’ appearance in Raees movie opposite to King Khan had made her more seductively beautiful in the nature of movies. But wait, this not enough for her memoir.

Yes, dear readers! The melodrama of her fame does not stop here. Like other admiring yang under the banner of hypocrisy Mahira is on tenure of being number one behind the curtain scene, as she was spotted on US streets at night with the hottest Ranbir Kapoor and this was not enough to rampage her character as you can see her in the picture above with the back-less top and cigarette in her hand. Now, the consequences of her persona have become a victim of her lavishing style on the streets of US with hot-lingering Ranbir Kapoor.

Malala heading towards Oxford University in Skinny-Jeans
Malala heading towards Oxford University in Skinny-Jeans

2.  Malala Yousafzai:

Having a bullet in mind was not enough for this little ginger as she was found fortunate to survive and escaped to towards the United States of America. I don’t need to mention her brutal past as we all know about her struggling from death to life. But however, this little magnifying builder is now had become a puppet in American hands. First, she got the noble prize and presently, she has moved to world ranked number one Oxford University.

Yes, you nailed the right point in your mind by grasping the look in the picture. You can surely get how her ‘Devi’ like appearance was just the dilemma of magazines, newspapers covers, and media coverage. She has now become the critic on social media being trolled over wearing skinny jeans and western clothes. What a representative of Pakistan at such level is being recognized with the worst core of perfection!

Noor Bukhari in Hijab
Noor Bukhari in Hijab
  1. Noor Bukhari:

This one is beyond perception, how anyone could go through a mind-blowing change in just some days? We all are very familiar with this name Noor Bukhari as she is undoubted, the Pakistani female actress and an avatar of her bold dance and acting skills which are admired in collision ways.

She has not only gain fame but critics too, especially on her four marriages with divorces and now with her latest version in Hijab which is trending the social media outrageously. Even it is also rumored that she has now skipped movies and will only do religious shows. However, we don’t have the rights to judge anybody if they have started to follow the right path may we all maneuver towards the right direction of our religion.

Mawra Hocane after Ranbir Kapoor
Mawra Hocane after Ranbir Kapoor
Urwa Hocane in a chunky way
Urwa Hocane in a chunky way
  1. Hocane Sisters:

Hocane sisters “Mawra and Urwa” are always thundered in the pavilion whenever they are up to judgmental, seems a coward and are countered as viral Pakistani actresses. Their dressing sense in almost in every event become controversial it seems like if they have taken the charge to be a controversy in the limelight of Industry. And especially ‘Mawra’ when the viral photo of Mahira and Ranbir was leaked she was trolled down for being crazy behind Ranbir as his crush.

Ayesha Omar in item song
Ayesha Omar in item song
  1. Ayesha Omer:

Ultimately, we are not so far away from any western industry like Hollywood and Bollywood because we have engraved vulgarity in our sense through our own created industry. Numbers of item songs are rising in almost in every movie, therefore viral Pakistani actresses are becoming the portfolio of victimization. Hence, our generous actresses are promoting vulgarity with their moves and pieces of cloths while originating boldness in every piece of attempt. Ayesha’s recent song ‘Trutti Frutti’ in movie ‘Karachi se Lahore’ has taken the social media controversy on top but all in vain.

Whatever, we cannot go back to the time to make it right because we have made ourselves clarified with westernization in our culture and especially these viral Pakistani actresses have consumed a chaotic large space while underestimating the culture. Neither these actresses can backflow their steps neither we as an audience could cover our eyes.


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