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People Shared Top 5 Most Weird and Funniest Virginity Stories of All Time

Losing virginity is a very big deal for every boy and girl. First time sex can be really awkward and scary due to lack of experience. Here I have shared top 7 most weird and funny virginity stories that people ever shared on different anonymous online platforms. Of course the source and name couldn’t be shared for privacy but you are certainly going to enjoy this.

1 –    I was Just Helping Mum’s Friend

This is definitely one of the most weird virginity stories that I have ever heard. It’s the story of a 16 year old virgin boy who was too desperate just like his aunt.

“My mom’s friend came to visit us who lives is a different city. She was going to stay for few days. I don’t remember exactly, she was either putting something in a top drawer or taking something. She was standing on a chair which misbalanced. I was near so I tried to catch her and she fell on top of me.

Our position was a little awkward as one of my hand was on her breast. This touch was duly noticed as the next thing I remember we were making out right there on the floor. Yep, I lost my virginity to my aunt just to be discovered by my mom. I saw mom standing on the door while I cummed inside her childhood friend. Aunt left next morning and Mom and I never talked about it.”

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2 –   In a Corn Field, Caught by Cousins

This is the story of a 15 year old Indian girl. This girl lived in a rural area and her life experience definitely nailed the virginity stories.

“I was 15 at the time living in a village of India. I had a secret boyfriend at school. He wanted to have sex and I was also curious. So we decided to meet in corn fields at sunset. There I lost my virginity to him. I guess he had bragged with his friends because somehow news got to my cousins. I saw my cousins reaching there and beat the hell out of him when I was putting my trouser back on. Luckily we were already done with sex but I was still half naked. I was never scared more in my life. For some reason, they decided not to tell my parents.”

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3 –   I didn’t Know I was a Virgin

This is the one of the funniest virginity stories that I have ever read. Apparently her ex-boyfriend didn’t have what it takes.

“I had heard that there will be bleeding and a lot of pain in first time sex and I had never seen a penis in my life. So, I had sex with my boyfriend but it went very easy without any such problem. I thought that I had lost my virginity and we did it again numerous times. Few weeks later, we broke up. I hooked up with a guy at a party. I was really shocked when I saw his penis because was too big. There he first assured me that it is the normal size then we had sex and this time I actually felt it and bled. Turns out the penis of my ex-boyfriend was too small and I hadn’t actually lost my virginity to him.”

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4 –   He Only Wanted Ass

I read many virginity stories to write this article but I just don’t know whether to laugh or feel bad for this girl.

“I lost my virginity at 17. The guy I had sex with was a total freak I met at a party. We were both a little drunk. He would deliberately keep aiming for ass despite my denial. He basically first raped my ass then went for vagina without any cleaning or protection. I lost my ass virginity before my actual virginity. It was the most horrific night of my life still I didn’t stop him.”

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5 –   I Thought I was a Stud

The ending of this virginity losing story had me rolling on the floor.

“I knew that erection don’t last more than 2 or 3 minutes but my first experience was a little different. I had sex with girlfriend on bed, at least what I thought was sex. It went for 15 to 20 minutes before ejaculation. I did it few more times with her later and bragged with friends about it. Turns out that I didn’t actually penetrated her. My penis was between her crotch and bed. One day when I hooked with a new girl that’s when I realised it. This time I felt the penetration and came the very second I went inside her. I was so embarrassed that I still remember it after many years.”

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6 –   Attacked by Dog During Sex

The dog destroyed the whole romance of this couple but they made it in top funny virginity stories. That’s why I am more of a cat person. Just kidding!

“So I made a new girlfriend, we were both horny and walking home. There were no people around as it was night time so we started having sex on way. We were both virgins. It was only a minute when we were having sex and had lost our virginity that a dog came out of nowhere barking. It scared the shit out of us so we ran fast leaving the sex in middle. We both had lost erection when we reached a safe zone so we just went home.”

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