Top 5 Surprising Facts About Men With Large Prosthetic Penis

It was very normal for women to get breast enlargement so men thought why should we stay behind. If they can be fake so can we! So they came up with prosthetic penis. Now men also surgically enhance their you know what according to their wish. Now that’s what I am talking about. However, it will require a surgical procedure. The thought of cutting penis is itself very frightening but the reward is worth it. Well, here I have shared top 5 surprising facts about men with prosthetic penis.

1 –   Two Types of Penis

There are actually two types of prosthetic penis you can get. Each has a little different function and surgical procedure.


In this prosthetic penis, a metal malleable plastic rod is inserted inside penis. So this is always of semi-rigid length but you can adjust its position in any angle you want. I mean literally any angle. You have to manually set it in any position.


Inflatable plastic cylinders are used in this type surgery for prosthetic penis. You have more control of this type of penis. There is also installed a pump inside testicals that fills the penis with water giving you an erection.

Prosthetic penis inflatable image

2 –   No one Can Tell the Difference

No one can tell whether you have an enhanced prosthetic penis or its natural. You can literally control everything and the partner won’t even have a hint. Isn’t it great. Anyone can spend his whole life without letting his wife know.

Prosthetic penis no one will know gif

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3 –   Control Your Erection

As prosthetic penis is surgically enhanced, you get more control of you what you want. Unwanted erection is a big problem specially when it comes at awkward times. Well, no more of that since you can now choose when you want big. In inflatable penis, there is a button to push when you want erection and in Non-Inflatable, just manually position it.

Prosthetic penis erection control gif

4 –   Finish When You Desire

No need to go to doctors or take Viagra when you have prosthetic penis. Men are always worried of not being able to satisfy their partner. They are scared of amateur ejaculation which means finishing before the real action starts. Normal men last around 2 – 5 minutes then they need rest before they can sexually perform again. And taking too many pills is just too dangerous. With prosthetic penis, you can go on for you hours and press the button to ejaculate when your partner is satisfied.

Prosthetic penis finish when you want gif


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5 –   The Pleasure is Real!

This is the real question. Is the pleasure still same as natural organ. Hell yeah, it is! Apparently the erection nerve is different from the pleasure nerve. They will put things inside you but you won’t feel them. The outside skin and inner function is all same and natural. You only have an enhanced organ where you control everything and all the fun is still same.

Prosthetic penis real pleasure gif

Abad (Man with Prosthetic Penis) is Chased by Women:

Abad is a 43 year old man who recently caught media’s attention for his prosthetic penis. Sadly, he had a terrible accident in which he lost his genital. He got married to a woman who left him because he can’t perform sexually. But now he is hounded by women everywhere.

He decided to get an inflatable prosthetic penis. He has every quality that a woman (or man in some cases) look for in bed. Since the news got out, women invite him for sex. It’s the curiosity that women want to fulfill by trying something new and improved. However, he lost his virginity to a sex worker in his 40s.

I am not promoting to get prosthetic penis I have just shared some fun facts about it. It is after all a surgical procedure which can also have side effects. Most men who get prosthetic penis usually have an erectile dysfunction so they have no other choice.

Prosthetic penis abad

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