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Top 5 Most Common Mental Problems Everyone Suffers But They Don’t Know

Are you perfectly healthy? Are you even normal? You may think that you are fine but you are no doctor, are you? Actually there are two types of diseases that we may suffer. Let’s first understand why people don’t realize that they are suffering from most common mental problems.

  1. Physical Sickness
  2. Mental Sickness

When you have fever, flu or cancer, it is noticeable by everyone including you. You physically feel the pain and problem so acknowledge it and take necessary measures to treat it. You see, in physical sickness, your pain is apparent to everyone. However, this is not the case in mental sickness. Mental sickness eats you from inside and your pain is not apparent to general public.

Most people don’t even know if they are mentally sick. Mental sickness is usually frowned upon. They think and mental problem just means madness. In developing countries, a proportion of people are not even aware of the fact that mental sickness exist. You are either normal or mad for them.

People from such countries never go to psychiatrist. Even in developed countries, people try to hide it if they are seeing a psychiatrist. Though we never hide it if we went to a dentist or any doctor. One must first accept that they are not healthy and need help. At least one of the family members should be able to do this for you. Only then you will seek a proper therapist that will cure you. Here I have shared with you the top most common mental problems around the world that every suffers but they don’t know.

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5 –   Inferiority Complex:

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You ever feel small in the company of your friend or family? If yes, you are probably suffering one of most common mental problems known as inferiority complex. No one is perfect. Some be better in something from others. However, everyone has its attributes and flaws. People suffering from inferiority complex get very anxious about themselves. They think everyone else is better than them. Any little petty thing like dark color, little height can cause inferiority complex.

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4 –   Mood Disorders:

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People suffering from mood disorders often get mood swings. They get periods of sadness, feeling overly happy or fluctuations. Depression is also a mood disorder. At some point of life you must have suffered from this one of the most common mental problems. Mood directly impacts one’s ability to think and make decisions. People suffering from these most common mental problems are happy one moment and may get angry over a very little thing next second.

3 –   Personality Disorders:

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You must have seen people around with antisocial personality, obsessive or compulsive personality, and paranoid personality. These problems are most common mental problems are all Personality Disorders. You might also be suffering from one of these but have not realized it yet. Personality disorders are one of most common mental problems because they are found in almost every third person you know. You must have seen people avoiding others companies. Sometimes they may get obsessed with someone or something even if for a short period of time.

2 –   Eating Disorders:

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Being a little chubbier than others is very normal. However, some people get inferiority complex over it and suffer another of most common mental problems, Eating disorders. It involves attitudes, emotions, and behaviors concerning weight and food. They get severe distress and adapt irregular eating habits. This mental problem is influenced by worry how one looks. Poor self-esteem and a negative image of one’s own body also play an important role in making it one of most common mental problems. I have myself seen a few of friends that are too sensitive about their looks. In addition, the friends that joke about it are also no help.

1 –   Anxiety: Top of Most Common Mental Problems

Anxiety is getting tense about something that has not even happened. You worry too much about the future. most common mental problems anxiety imageThis results in rapid heartbeat, sweating and tension. A lot of us are suffering from anxiety on some level. Even the most successful are not safe from this demon. It is particularly one of most common mental problems in a developed country like United States with over 40 million adults suffering from it and only 36 percent of them getting treated every year.


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