Top 10 Worst Ranked Passports of 2018 in the World According to Passport Index

Passport Index recently published its new ranking for passport indexes. German passport was ranked best in the world last year. Now Singapore has taken this position. Passport Index ranks countries according to the number of countries that allow them visa free access. Citizen of Singapore has visa free access to 159 countries thus most far away from worst passport for 2018. We have here shared the worst passport for 2018 and the reasons behind it.

10 –   Nepal

Nepal is a Himalayan country in South Asia bordering with India and China. Though Nepal is a peaceful country, its citizen has a bad repute to live as a refugee in developed countries which jeopardises their security. There are only 36 countries that allow visa free access to Nepal. It scored 88 in passport index and it is referred to as one of worst passport for 2018.

Worst passport for 2018 Nepal image

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9 –   Iran

Iran is a Shia Muslim country involved in conflict with most Arab countries. It particularly has very bad relations with Saudi Arabia. Iran is also not in good terms with United States. So international media would only show a negative image of this country. At present, Iran has visa free access to only 36 countries with a score of 88 in passport index thus one of worst passport for 2018.

Worst passport for 2018 Iran image

8 –   Sudan

Now split into two countries, Sudan is third largest country of Africa. It scored 88 on passport power rank along with Iran and Nepal and has visa free access to 36 countries. Its political instability has made it worst passport for 2018.

Worst passport for 2018 Sudan image

7 –   Bangladesh

Once part of Pakistan, Bangladesh is a poor country with not very good relations with its neighbour countries. Its economy is weak while also suffering from lack of education. Bangladesh indexed 89 in passport power rank with visa free access to only 35 countries.

Worst passport for 2018 Bangladesh image

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6 –   Yemen

Passport Index ranked Yemen 89 in passport power. There are only 35 countries in the world that allow Yemen citizens visa free access. Yemen is one of the poorest countries of Arab and has also been in state of war for many years therefore making it one of worst passport for 2018.

Worst passport for 2018 Yemen gif

5 –  Somalia

The only thing famous I have heard about Somalia is their bandits. Well, that is thanks to negative international media. You search Somalia on Google and the first news you will see are always about militants and blasts. Now there are only 34 countries that allow visa free access to Somali citizens.

Worst passport for 2018 Somalia image

4 –   Syria

Syria is also an innocent country caught in dispute with world’s most powerful evils. Powerful countries keep bombing Syrian cities. They claim that they are destroying terrorist points. However, we only get news of citizens getting killed including women and kids. Every Syrian is trying to get out there by any means which has caused Syrian passport to be 4th worst passport for 2018.

Worst passport for 2018 Syria image

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3 –    Pakistan

Pakistan is country that got stuck in the propaganda of its enemies. Haters can’t directly attack this country since Pakistan is a nuclear power with 6th largest army so they used an indirect approach of defaming this country controlling international media. Now world thinks that Pakistan is an illiterate poor country. Whereas it is an educated country with some of world’s most skilled and smartest engineers, scientist and businessmen. Here see the views of a Pakistani explaining Common Misconceptions about this country that are actually opposite. There are only 26 countries that allow visa free access to Pakistani nationals thus making it one of worst passport for 2018.

Worst passport for 2018 Pakistan gif

2 –   Iraq

Whole world is aware of how powerful have ruined Iraq. All neighbour countries have been fighting against Iraq instead of helping while branding them terrorist. It has been 8 years since things started to get ugly in this country. There were some wars. Then United States punished Saddam Hussein, the leader of Iraq, to death. Now world thinks that Iraqi nationals are only terrorists and they don’t them in their homeland. Thus making Iraqi passport 2nd worst passport for 2018. There are only 26 countries that allow visa free access to Iraqi nationals.

Worst passport for 2018 Iraq image

1 –   Worst Passport for 2018: Afghanistan

Afghanistan has not been on its best since the time they fought against Soviet Union. Terrorists are now ruling most of the Afghanistan. Afghanistan also don’t have very good relations with its neighbours. It is because of their negative image that no country would want them in their country. Thus making Afghanistan worst passport for 2018 in the whole world. There are only 22 countries that allow visa free access to Afghani nationals.

Worst passport for 2018 Afghanistan kids image

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