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Top 10 Most Favorite Cartoons of 90s that Will Bring Back Memories

I don’t think there is anyone who never watched cartoons in his/ her childhood. Some people like me still love to watch cartoons even though we are adults. I don’t care what people say but without cartoons our childhood would never be nearly as fun as it was. I would kiss hands of the man who invented cartoons, of course, if I could. Do you remember what were your most favorite cartoons of 90s that made your childhood awesome? Here, I have shared the top 10 most favorite cartoons of 90s kids. Today’s kids and cartoon animators really need to gain inspiration from them.

1 –   Tom and Jerry – Most Favorite Cartoons of 90s:

most favorite cartoons of 90s tom and jerry

Forever green, best of all times, most watched and top of most favorite cartoons of 90s is without a doubt Tom and Jerry. Story was simple. A cat and mouse living in the same house and because of their natural instincts, they hate each other. Cat would always chase around mouse and get hit, injured, fallen or something bad would happen. Tom and Jerry was a simple series but it was made in such a fun way that one just can’t control laughter. By the way, did you know that Tom and Jerry committed suicide in its last episode? Well, good thing you don’t know let the memories be sweet as they were. You see the following gif image, that’s the scene when train ran them over.

most favorite cartoons of 90s tom and jerry suicide gif

2 –   Dragon Ball Z:

most favorite cartoons of 90s dragon ball z

Wait! Kaaa Maaayyyy Haaaa Maayyyy Hhaaaaa… You are probably not a cartoon fan and without any doubt your life sucks If you don’t understand this. Dragon Balls Z is one of the most favorite cartoons of 90s. Dragons Ball Z were created by Japanese artists and they are called Anime but what do kids know. Dragon Ball is one of the largest and most watched cartoon series. First they were just Dragon Balls. Then they changed to Dragon Ball Z and now they are known as Dragon Ball Super. We have seen Goku from the time of his birth to becoming a grandpa and a powerful God. I remember, it would daily air on 06:00 pm right after Pokemon series that are also one of most favorite cartoons of 90s.

3 –   Scooby Doo:

most favorite cartoons of 90s Scooby do imageWhen there is a mystery, we have got Scooby Doo team to solve. The series that taught us that actual monsters are humans. Scooby Doo is one of the oldest and most favorite cartoons of 90s kids and as well as today’s kids. The show ran for years featuring a dog Scooby as main character. Every kid wished he had a dog like Scooby but not everyone is as lucky as Shaggy. Let’s just show our gratitude for entertaining us for decades with Scooby Doooby Doooo…

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4 –   Dexter’s Laboratory:

most favorite cartoons of 90s dexter's laboratory gifA tiny little genius boy who has made a secret lab inside his house without the knowledge of his parents. And little too petite tall dumb sister that always gives him a hard time. I just can’t forget them. They always had a good story with a very good sense of humor. Dexter’s Laboratory is without any doubt one of the most favorite cartoons of 90s.

5 –   Courage the Cowardly Dog:

most favorite cartoons of 90s courage the cowardly dog gifCourage the cowardly dog were actually funny cartoons series. But I remember one time watching the series at night. I got so scared that I didn’t even go to bathroom. I was scared that a monster will drag me under the bed. The name of this series was definitely perfect. It was a coward dog who would courageously save his owner and his name was also Courage. I would suggest these cartoons to today’s generation. There is a reason why they are one of most favorite cartoons of 90s.

6 –    The Powerpuff Girls:

most favorite cartoons of 90s powerpuff girls imageYou can call these cartoons girly but can’t deny the fact that you have seen every single episode of The Powerpuff Girls even if you are boy. I am a boy and it is one of my most favorite cartoons of 90s. Bubbles was my favorite. If you don’t know her, she is the blue one.

7 –   Looney Tunes:

most favorite cartoons of 90s Looney Tunes image

The coolest cartoons character I now is Bugs Bunny. Looney tunes has all different series. Looney Tunes were the most funny cartoons that made me laugh till my stomach starts hurting. They seriously earned their place as most favorite cartoons of 90s.

8 –   Pokemon:

most favorite cartoons of 90s pokemon gifGotta Catch em All! but caught only a few of them and never won a single tournament. That immortal boy Ash Ketchum remained 10 years old in a series that lasted decades. Pikachu was the most Pokemon of every kid. Their fun adventures, action and Brock’s humor made this series one of the most favorite cartoons of 90s.


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9 –   Richie Rich:

most favorite cartoons of 90s richie rich gifYou can say Bill Gates is the richest all you want but I won’t believe. Richie Rich is the richest boy in the world. Watching his billion dollars adventure, one can’t stop but fell in love with this series. Richie was such a nice boy despite being filthy rich that is probably why it is one of most favorite cartoons of 90s kids. If I was this rich, I’d smoking, partying, drinking in different country every single day.

10 –   Beyblade:

most favorite cartoons of 90s beyblade gifBeyblade were also Japanese anime that became one of the most favorite cartoons of 90s. You must have played with Beyblades in your childhood. This series was actually made to promote the sales of Beyblade and they definitely nailed it.

My favorite cartoons were Looney Tunes. What are your most favorite cartoons? Comment below and let us know.


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