Top 10 Weird Facts About Donkey Love in Colombia! It’s Exactly What It Sounds

Its normal for men to be attracted to ass but some Colombian took it the wrong way. They do love ass but “jackass”. There are people in Northern Colombia where donkey love is a very normal thing and everyone man has sexual intercourse with donkeys. They buy donkeys, feed them, caress them and shockingly fuck them.

For normal people, it’s a Eww moment but Colombian man and women find it a part of daily routine. Apparently, Colombia is a very religious Catholic country and women do not have sex until they are adult or married in some cases. So, boys and men find their pleasure in donkeys. You think what I said just now is weird then following facts about donkey will just blow your mind.

Parents Initiate It

If a horny teen would sneak and fuck a donkey it could still be considered juvenile but in Colombia, parents get their kids to do it. Parents encourage their kids to have sex with a donkey.

Donkey Love parents initiate it image
Image Credits: DonkeyLoveMovie

Every Preteens First Time

It’s not just few horny boys but every preteen at the age of around 10 engages in sexual intercourse with a donkey to lose his virginity. Some boys even call donkeys their girlfriend. Below I have shared a video on this. A boy said that her human girlfriend is not willing to have sex yet so he gets off on donkeys.

You know how a boy is considered cool by how many girls he hooked up with in school. It’s the same in Northern Colombia but this time they count how many donkeys he fucked.

Donkey Love preteens first time image

It Will Enlarge Your Penis

As I told you that even parents encourage it, that is for some reason. They believe that donkey love will stretch and enlarge their penis. It is a weird belief. A men said in interview that a doctor recommended him to fuck donkeys.

Donkey Lovers Enlarge penis gif

Practice for Sex With Women

Another reason or let’s say excuse for donkey love is practice. It is said that they are preparing for the time they will have sex with woman. Fucking donkeys is preparing them and at the time they will be able to easily satisfy their woman. However, it seems like their women can’t satisfy these men.

Donkey Love image

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Prevent You From Homosexuality

Another quite funny belief why parents encourage their kids for donkey love is to prevent them from homosexuality. Well, homosexuality is frowned upon in Colombia while they encourage kids to fuck donkeys. Isn’t it funny?

Donkey Love prevent homosexuality gif

It Will Bring Good Luck for Marriage

You know how a smoker can give you a thousand reasons why smoking is good for him. It’s rather same with the donkey lovers. Another belief to have sex with donkeys is to bring good luck for marriage. They say a man who has sex with donkey will have a happier married life.

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There is a Whole Festival to Celebrate Donkey Love

Every year a festival is conducted in Colombia to celebrate their love for donkeys. There was made a whole documentary on it which shocked the world. I have also shared a documentary below about it. So, all men gather in a place, do some weird dance, decorate their donkeys in public like a bride and you can guess what’s next to come.

Donkey Love festival image

Weird Way to Cheat on Wife

So one would think that it’s just a horny teens thing but, not so surprisingly, this isn’t the case. These men actually prefer donkey love over their wives. Many men cheat on their wives with donkey. You see the picture below. This man’s interview is included in the video shared at the end of this page. He said that he has fucked over 100 donkeys though he is married. Once he was coming back from work when he saw a pregnant donkey on his way. He stopped the bike took that donkey behind some bushes and fucked it. This time he was also caught by his wife red handed in the act. He was also recorded during donkey love in the video below.

Donkey Love cheat wife image

Mothers Don’t Mind

This literally shocked me even after all that has happened. Mothers also encourage this donkey love. She knows her son fucks a donkey and she thinks it’s normal. In the following video, a mother said that it’s good until they are not married and have sex with actual woman.

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Here’s the Video

This a whole documentary on donkey love. There were interviews of preteens, men and women conducted about it. And they even added a video of donkey lover in the act.

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