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Watch Top 10 Boldest Pakistani Item Numbers by Celebrities that Caused Controversies

An Item Number is a musical dance performance that has nothing to do with story plot and usually expected to be vulgar or bold. Call whatever you want. Item number is a term of Pakistani and Indian entertainment industry. They use it in a movie for promotional purposes and, of course, to attract male audience. Every latest movie now essentially includes an item number. Moreover, they try their best to make it as controversial as possible according to their culture. After all, controversy means marketing. Here I am sharing with you the Top 10 most controversial boldest Pakistani item number done by Pakistani celebrities.

1 –   Sadaf Kanwal

24 year old actress from Karachi recently caught a lot of attention after performing a Pakistani item number in movie ‘Na Maloom Afraad 2’. It is a short song named “Kaif o Suroor”. In this song, she performed a very controversial belly dance. Though belly dance was good, you can imagine the dress code of a belly dance. You can see why this Pakistani item number is controversial by watching yourself in following video. However, do keep a Pakistan’s cultural point of view.


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2 –   Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is a very talented celebrity and particularly bold in every field. She is a singer, actor, model and very good dancer. Judging from performances, Mehwish is not a very big fan of Pakistani dressing codes. She caused a great deal of controversy after her a little too bold performance in Pakistani item number song “Billi” from movie ‘Na Maloom Afraad’.

3 –   Ayesha Omer

Actress ‘Khoobsurat’ from drama series ‘Bulbulay’ is indeed very Khoobsurat (means beautiful in Urdu). This 36 year old cutie looks 20 and is one of the most successful celebrities in Pakistan. However, she received a lot of criticism after her Pakistani item number performance in song “Tutti Fruti” from movie ‘Karachi say Lahore’.


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4 –   Sana Fakhar

Sana Fakhar is a famous Pakistani actress and has performed in many movies. Probably for publicity, she recently performed a very bold dance in bold dressing in Pakistani item numberVitamin Video” from movie ‘Ishq Positive’. There is also bit of Noor Bukhari, however, she managed to remain out of controversy.


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5 –   Zhalay Sarhadi

Zhalay Sarhadi started her career as VJ. She is now an actress and model. Zhalay is 36 years old. She caught a lot of attention after her performance in a Pakistani item number “Jalaibee” from movie ‘Jawani’.

6 –   Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is an extremely successful Pakistani actress. She has also performed lead roles in Bollywood movies. Saba is most famous for her performance in one of most popular Pakistani show ‘Hum Sub Umeed Say Hey’. She stuck in controversies after her bold performance in Pakistani item number in “Mastani”.


7 –   Veena Malik: Boldest Pakistani Item Number

Who doesn’t know Veena Malik. Now happily settled with family and a kid, Veena is the queen of bold controversies in Pakistan. She has made many bold performances from nude photo shoots to leaked scandal videos. It is difficult to mention all of them. However, if you watch her performance in ‘Glamour Tamil Movie KICK’, you will get the complete idea. Her Pakistani item number that caused the most controversy was “Chano” from movie ‘Gali Gali Chor hai’. I would suggest not to watch this following video.

8 –   Mahnoor Baloch

Mahnoor Baloch is my most favorite actress. She is the cutest Pakistani celebrity and also very talented. Ms. Mahnoor is the crush of every youngster in Pakistan. But I just can’t digest the fact that she is a ‘grandma’. Mahnoor Baloch is a 47 years old and still looks 22. She has a daughter that has a daughter. She received a lot criticism and praises at the same time after her bold performance with Mathira in Pakistani item numberTeri Hi Kami Hai”.


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9  –   Ayyan Ali

The super model and million dollar girl, Ayyan Ali is currently not in her luckiest days of life. She is facing cases of money laundering and getting an ASF inspector killed who caught her. She is also a singer and has released her own albums with her bold Pakistani item number like performance that caught controversy. Her most famous performances include “You and I” and “Making Dollars”.

10 –   Mathira: Most Controversial Pakistani Item Number

Mathira’s accent is just the cutest. She is one brave celebrity who openly says she is bold and she likes it. No one has ever seen her non-controversial and non-bold performance. I can mention a lot of her performances but I’ll use the one that broke all international standards of boldness and controversy. It was her Pakistani item number like song “Jhootha”. She is, of course, dressed very boldly. But the most controversial part was with a kid of age about 12. In addition, there performance was a little too close and open. When I was twelve, I used to eat clay. But this kid, damn!!! You can see for yourself.


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