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6 Times Students Had Enough of Their Teachers – Student Beats Teacher Funny Videos

It is normal seeing teachers insulting or bullying a student. However, it is an interesting turn of event when student fights back. I am not talking arguments or verbal fight between a teacher and student but I am talking about the cases when students started fighting teachers and kicked their asses in most of the cases. It is usually for the good of students when a teacher is tough on them but when student attacks teacher then it is a vivid manifestation of lack of education and discipline in student. Here I have shared top 8 times when student fights teacher caught on tape.

1 –   Girl Kicks Her Teacher In Balls

This is actually a very fun video student fighting teacher. I don’t know what language they speak in video but we can understand that teacher is trying to teach English. He was insulting this little student girl who is around 8 year of age. She definitely didn’t like his gestures the whole time and kicked him right in the balls when she had enough of him.

2 –   Rebellious Chinese Class

A wise man once said to never underestimate a big number of fools. Following is a video of Chinese classroom. All student seems to be around the age of 14. This teacher was definitely doing something because whole class was of sick of him. Suddenly whole class goes rebel and beats the hell out of him not once or twice but three times. Even girls didn’t miss this opportunity.

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3 –   Never Snatch a Student’s Mobile Ever

Apparently the student was texting in class which of course is considered an insult to teacher. This American teacher also did what every other teacher would have done. He snatched the mobile of student that resulted in infuriating him. You can guess what happened next, student fights teacher. More like student beats teacher.

4 –   Student Attacks Assistant Principal

Some kids really just don’t care about anything. They don’t see who they are up against and lose their mind. That is actually a trait of fools. This time student first threw a bag of chips on  assistant principal and then declined to go to his office. When principal touched his elbow, he decided to show a smack down of student vs teacher fight.

5 –   Student Punches Teacher in the Face

I think teachers should be first trained martial arts before attending a class. It may sound unnecessary now but you will also think twice after watching this video. This time again student fights teacher and the teacher did a very good job by blocking the punches with his face. Student was also arrested later for this.

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6 –   Middle School Student Fights Teacher In Class

I think American education system needs to do some work. Most of the videos of student fights teacher were recorded in America. Until now it was students beating teachers, however, teacher knew how to defend himself in this video and slammed the student.


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