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Selfie is Actually a Mental Disorder! Here Are Top 4 Points to Prove It

We all love to take selfies. It has become an important part of our daily routine to take at least one selfie every day. Pictures were initially taken to capture the moment and memories associated with it. This is why most of the images were either taken on a gathering or on vacations; there was always some good reason behind it. Now we just take picture of same face every day with no story at all. Have you ever thought why do you take selfies? It may be hard for some people to believe but selfie is mental disorder.

You keep taking selfies every day for no reason and you can’t help it. It is no blunder but actually a psychological study. The research was published in 2014 and has been accepted worldwide since then. Taking too many selfies is actually a sign of mental illness. You don’t believe me, here are some top facts to prove it.

Covering Up for Inferiority Complex

Study says that you take too many selfies when you are possibly suffering from inferiority complex. You are not happy with yourself and when you take selfies, you feel good about yourself. Every time you take a selfie in which you feel that you look good, you feel good. Some are either way too good in their eyes and other are way too low. You feel less of yourself when you compare yourself to others. So you get shelter in selfies that can also lead you to narcissism. This is why addiction to selfie is mental disorder.

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A Part of Narcissism

May be some of you don’t know what narcissism is so let’s first clear it. Narcissism makes you a negative person and puts you in misconceptions about yourself. These are the people who have fooled themselves into thinking that they are awesome and perfectionist whereas, in fact, they are just trying to be accepted. However, their negative behaviour is certainly a problem in connecting with others.

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Selfie is a mental disorder leading you to narcissism. You take a selfie and you think you look good but it is totally opposite. If you show me picture of you, I’ll never say that you look ugly and that’s how people are. Uploading images on social media escalates this illness further as everyone comments good things.

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Very Lonely Inside

This further justifies my point discussed above. You are lonely inside and looking for attention that is why you take selfies. If you knew it, it wouldn’t be a disorder. It is unintentional but you seek others approval. This is another point proving why you keep taking selfies and uploading them on social media sites like Facebook. It is because people like and share your pictures. They say beautiful things about you in comments. Every human loves praises including me. But the problem is these fake praises put us in misconceptions.

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You’re Turning from Reality

As I said fake praises put us in misconceptions. Likewise, we take selfies feeling good about ourselves. We take 100 selfies and find one good pose in which even we can’t recognise that it’s us. And we go like “Aww I am so beautiful”. Go look in the mirror damn it but even that don’t work if you are too far away in this road.

Taking selfie is mental disorder because it makes us turn our face from reality. You live in a world of your own. You are not accepting the reality but faking it and you are not willing to accept the truth. This is how selfie is mental disorder for you but you won’t accept it because you are already in this illusion. You need find yourself and accept yourself for truly who you are.

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