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Top 6 Psychological Reasons Actually Why People Buy IPhone

Whole world goes crazy very time a new IPhone is released. You must be aware of the popularity IPhone has gained. IPhone is the most selling and most overpriced mobile phone. There is nothing much special about it. All other mobile brands offer everything that IPhone offers and even with more and better specifications. IPhone specs are normal, design is normal and nothing else is extra ordinary. However, you still see whole world buying an IPhone. Have you ever asked why people buy IPhone.

You are also probably one of these people. IPhone is a brand that has somehow hacked people’s minds. Apple’s business is just based on psychology. We will see IPhone going bankrupt once this mentality has changed. If you are now wondering what is this mentality, your answer is right here. Following are the top 6 mentalities describing actually why people buy IPhone.

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why people buy IPhone overprice gif6 –   Show Off Their Wealth

IPhone is looked at like an expensive thing. Every latest release of IPhone is particularly more expensive than previous. Its big price is one the biggest reasons why people buy IPhone. Everyone dresses up nice wants to look nice and rich. This is a world of show off. Furthermore, everyone is trying to degrade others. People buy IPhone just to show others that they are rich.

5 –   Low Self-Esteem

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Apple is like an evil genius. Like I said, their business is based upon psychology. Inferiority complex or low self-esteem is one of the top reasons why people buy IPhone. Therefore, they feel good about themselves with an IPhone in their hand. We can’t say for sure if this mentality just developed itself or Apple created this illusion. People with an IPhone are considered a little superior for some reason. Wondering as it is, it is same in all societies around the world. This brings to our 4th reason why people IPhone.

4 –   Maintain their Status in Society

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As mentioned, people who use an IPhone are looked like they are better. This could be because of IPhone’s high price and notion that only rich can afford it. And who doesn’t want to look rich. Now, you have to maintain your status even if you really are rich and buying IPhone is no problem for you. People don’t want to look left behind from world so they have to go according to current fashion. So the 4th top reason why people an IPhone is because they want to flow with the world with every latest update.

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3 –   Trying to Groom Their Personality

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Buying an IPhone to groom one’s personality is dumb. Sadly however, it is one of the top reasons why people buy IPhone. They think they look better if they have a IPhone in their hand. I know a guy who barely earns 200 dollars a month. Irony is that he still owns a 800 dollar’s IPhone. If you really want to groom yourself, I would suggest you eat healthy, join a gym, sleep well, and learn styling/ dressing codes.

2 –   Illusion of Latest Technology

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IPhone releases a new version almost every year. Every time price is higher. It puts us into thinking that they must have updated it with some latest hardware and software technology. There must be something extra-ordinary. Sorry to break it to you but that is not exactly the case. They just alter the model design a little with no creativity and nothing else. I am not against IPhone nor do I hate it. I will admit that IPhones have one good quality. Unlike all other smart phones, IPhone doesn’t slow down and its battery timing and life is also very good. Other than that, it is just one big illusion why people buy IPhone.

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1 –   For Other’s Attention: Top Why People Buy IPhone

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People do weird things to get other’s attention. Almost everyone wants to be famous and getting attention is a part of it. Have you ever seen a selfie taken from an IPhone. Of course, you have! You must have first noticed the Apple logo on the phone before you the person in that picture. Now tell me, can you remember a selfie taken from Samsung or LG? Answer is most probably no. This is one live example of how people got your attention because of an IPhone. To get others attention is the top reason why people buy IPhone.


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