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Students Share Experiences How Life Really is Like Inside Coed Dorms

There are different Hostel Buildings in different corners of the campus for different genders in some universities. There are some universities where hostel building is coed with different floors for boy and girls. Then there are hostels where girls and boys can live on the same floor however in different rooms with separate bathrooms. Finally there are hostels with coed dorms where girls and boys live together with coed bathrooms.  There are very few universities with coed dorms.

Coed dorms maybe too liberal for some people but many youngsters look up to this life. They think living with the opposite gender would be sexy and hot. You will get to see and have a lot of action however that is not exactly the case. Sorry to sabotage your wild fantasies but the reality is a little different but not bad. In fact, I would say that it is even better. Here we have shared the experience of students describing how life really is living in coed dorms.

So Weird in Start

Dorms are made to adjust 2 to 4 students. Whether you are alone with someone of opposite gender or living in a group, it is always weird at first. Of course, you are trapped with someone who is entirely different from you. If you are shy it gets even more difficult.

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It’s Not Just About Sex

After spending some time and getting to each other, you realize that opposite genders are not just about sex as we had always thought. There is also a thing called friendship and it is possible even with opposite genders. You start to eat, play, go out and have fun together.

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Gender, What?

After a passage of time we start to forget that we are opposite genders. We get along very well and share everything with each other. At first, we had to go to bathroom to change clothes but later it is like no big deal to change in front of each other. That is one beauty of coed dorms.

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Experience the Other Gender

When we stop treating each other like they are opposite gender, we get to see the true colours. Girls actually experience how the boys are in their natural inhabitant and boys get to see what girls actually are. For example, it is rare for boys to see girls just woke up without make up or sometimes sick condition. It is pretty normal in coed dorms.

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No Secrets Left in this World

This is true. It is like there are no more secrets or fantasies left in this world. The way boys and girls spend their whole life dreaming, it’s all over. It’s not like that you don’t like opposite genders anymore. You just have nothing more left to learn after living in coed dorms.

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Group is Incomplete Without Different Genders

We sometimes think that it is more fun if the whole friends group is the same gender. People think so because same genders can be more open with each other. You have friends that are opposite genders but you always have to keep a distance in between. This is not the same with coed dorms friends. You get really comfortable with each other since you are sharing a room plus you realise how your friend group was lacking something so important.

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Dating is Easier than Ever! Not With Each Other

Most of the students sharing coed dorms are not in romantic relationship with each other. It may be hard to believe looking from outside but this is the truth. But what’s more amazing is that dating is easiest for you. First of all, you have got an expert to advise you who knows how his/ her gender is for dating. Secondly, they can set you up with any of their friends.

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Girls are Safer in Coed Dorms

Girls are safer because they have boy(s) to protect them. However, first have to be sure that you are safe from them. Once you become friends, none of guys or ex will dare touch you because you have a brother alike in your room who will defend you.

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Boys Get a Fashion Adviser

Girls are great fashion adviser. You have got a girl living in your coed dorms who knows what girls want. She will tell you what hairstyle you should have, what things you need to change in yourself and what dress will look perfect on you.

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Some Friends with Benefits

I said that MOST coed dorms friends are not in romantic relationship with each other. A liberal environment where girls and boys living in same room is no big deal how can them having sex be considered wrong. We never know when our coed dorms friends may turn in to friends with benefits.

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