Top Funniest Social Media Posts Trolling Feminazi Sharmeen Obaid Tweet

Sharmeen Obaid tweet on how her sister was harassed is one of the most trending and trolled topic. Let me first tell a little about Sharmeen Obaid. She is a Canadian Pakistani who gained famed after winning an Oscar for her documentary. As negative image is always more liked and appreciated, she also did her best to create as negative image of Pakistan as possible.

I myself support feminism but Sharmeen Obaid is what they call a Feminazi. There are many other ways to win an Oscar like showing an actual work of art. However, Sharmeen decided to take the shortest path. She took the story of female acid victim and criticized Pakistan and its men in her whole film.

Real Face of Sharmeen Obaid

She had promised to pay 300 thousand dollars to acid victim. Sharmeen also promised to pay for her plastic surgery. On the contrary, after winning Oscar award she refused to do anything for her. You can see following video is an interview of that acid victim sharing how Sharmeen Obaid took advantage of her.



THIS! This is the real face of Sharmeen obaid chinoy who only comes to Pakistan to profit off these poor women!! Disgusted, Shame on you sharmeen. Dob maro sharam say! She did not pay this poor woman the money she promised!

Posted by Satirical Affairs on Friday, October 27, 2017


It’s in Urdu but roughly translated she said that I stated above. She also added that Sharmeen had to get her a house. Women in Pakistan don’t usually work in films and now her family is also angry with her because of the way Pakistan and Pakistani men were misrepresented in this documentary.

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So What Was This Sharmeen Obaid Tweet?

Apparently, sister of Sharmeen Obaid visited a doctor in Pakistan. The doctor later sent her a friend request on Facebook. I don’t know if it was jealousy nevertheless Sharmeen didn’t like that doctor sending her sister friend request. So, following Sharmeen Obaid tweet describes her feelings.



It can also be seen that she used #Pakistan in her tweet. She has problem with a doctor, it’s understandable. But what is her problem with Pakistan.



I also think what doctor did was unprofessional but making such a big deal out of it clearly shows how much she hates men and Pakistan. Sadly, she has a following of 37 thousand on Twitter.



She thinks, sending friend request of Facebook is female harassment and counts to rape. She reported that doctor and according to Express Tribune, he lost his job. On the other hand, her definition of rape is definitely very interesting. Her following Facebook has been taken down.



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Now Let’s Get to Trolling Sharmeen Obaid Tweet:

Sharmeen Obaid tweet troll FB post image



Sharmeen Obaid tweet troll post image


fb post 1:



Sharmeen Obaid tweet FB Troll post image


Where is the so called justice brigade? Now that a man is a victim, nobody is bothered. A man’s life has been ruined due to a friend request. But no worries cause its a man.

Posted by Satirical Affairs on Friday, October 27, 2017



Sharmeen Obaid tweet troll image


Sharmeen Obaid tweet troll FB post image


Now I would like to openly apologise to Sharmain Obaid if I may have raped or sexually harassed her by publishing this article.

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