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The Reality Behind 7D Park in Japan and 7D Cinema in Australia

We all know how fast the technology is evolving. Every day there is some new technology being introduced that surprises us. A few days back I again came across a new invention that blew my mind. This invention that was apparently new for me but around for quite some time which really shocked me. The invention was 7D park in Japan.

I am still getting over 3D technology then the news of direct 7 dimensions and a whole 7D park in Japan was quite impressive and surprising at the same time. As I saw the viral video of 7D park in Japan, its caption was also very informative and even more shocking. Why was it shocking for me?

Well, for the starters you can see the holograms of objects moving around you. Secondly, the object react according to your movement. Third, you can touch them and on top of that, you can even feel and smell them. When I saw a blue whale coming out of the floor of a gymnasium and diving back in with a huge splash of water, I was literally stunned. I am kind of a nerd so I decided to dig more about it and added it in my Must See in Life list. Then I came to know about the reality behind the 7D Park in Japan where animals like lions, elephants and dinosaurs walk around you and you can pet them. Why don’t you first watch this video to get more and better idea.


Isn’t this amazing? You must now be planning to see it. It is understandable the technology is evolving fast but how was it possible to suddenly take such huge leap without any news and announcement. There is a reason behind it!

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7D Park in Japan Story Isn’t True

There is hologram technology, however, the way above shared viral video is presented in wrong way and Japan has nothing to do with it whatsoever. There is no 7D park in Japan. You can see the 3D animals around you but in a screen. People in video were seeing themselves around the animals in a big screen. And sorry to say but we can’t exactly feel or touch them yet. This technology is large screen augmented reality experience. Following videos will give clearer ideas.


There were more than one instances added in the viral video of 7D park in Japan. Some people say that there is a Virtual Zoo in Dubai with 7D technology but that is also not true. It’s the same video with many different captions. Some other stories that I have heard of includes 7D park in India, 7D park in Dubai, Hologram park in Japan but that is all false news.

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What’s the Reality Behind This Video?

This was actually an advertisement campaign by National Geographic as they want us all to learn more about wild life. This technology was developed by Appshaker. Some of the parts of this video were taken from some other simulation videos. Following is a behind the scene video of this campaign.

7D Cinema is Real!

I am really sorry that 7D park in Japan is not real. Seriously, I really am! But there is still a little happiness left in this world. There is a one and only 7D cinema in Australia. When you are watching a video in 7D cinema, you feel like you are a part of it. This time you actually see and feel the movements because there is a special Simulator Platform for it.

You have to wear 3D glasses and the simulator moves according to the video. Currently, it takes you for a ride of about 7 – 8 minutes and we can guess what’s not so far in the future now. We will soon be watching whole movies with Captain Jack Sparrow in his ship and feeling the waves and cold wind (it’s a prediction not announcement BTW). Here is link to the website of 7D cinema if you want to check it out. Here is a fun video of 7D cinema is Australia.


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