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Top 4 Times Parents Found with Proof Their Little Girl is Haunted by Demons

Girl haunted by demon may be considered a conservative ideology. Science don’t really approve of demons and Ghosts. It is always a little difficult to believe in horror story. However, we can’t deny the existence of unknown entities that roam in the same world as us who are not humans. A lot of people, including me, have encountered such entities in every part of the world at least once in life. We either deny them, call them ghost or demons depends on us.

Not everything in world is a psychological problem. There are things that physically prove their existence. Such things are said to be most fond of kids. Usually parents don’t take it seriously if there kid complains of such things. However, here I have shared top events parents found with proof that their little girl haunted by demon or such paranormal entity. I have also shared the video proof of these events. I usually say that such videos are fake. But this time I checked and researched carefully and filtered the result to 4 genuine events.

1 –   Little Russian Girl

Below is a video of a little girl Russian girl. She is about the age of 10. The house was probably haunted. It was targeting the kid whatever entity possessed the place. Parents had doubts that there house is probably possessed. To confirm this notion, they installed video cameras in whole house. They had no idea that it is their little girl haunted by demon or probably ghost.

The video shows two occasions when the entity proved its existence. First time, it was in the doll of little girl. On second occasion, it particularly acted to scare the girl. The girl was drawing on papers. Demon or ghost, whatever it was, fluttered the papers on table. This is what got the parents believing that it is a case of girl haunted by demons. See the video and decide whether it is fake or real.

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2 –   Burmese School Girl Haunted by Demon

This is a story of a Burmese school girl from Myanmar. This recorded event shows a girl haunted by demon. This girl was probably in school when the attack happened. It can also be seen in video that the girl haunted by demon is wearing a school uniform. There are some women around her who seem to be member of some religious group. My guess is that women are from church.

Video shows that these women are performing an exorcism to remove the demon from the girl. This girl was later sent to monastery for treatment according the uploader of video. Anyway, it breaks my heart to see such cute little girl in this condition.

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3 –   Haunted Muslim Girl

A little girl from Arab was reported to be haunted by a demon. I can say for sure that it was demon because ghosts don’t possess people. This issue was brought up to a well-known Muslim scholar for help. Whole event was recorded as the scholar performed an exorcism to help this girl haunted by demons.

This is a video that really sent chills down my spine. I would have doubted the video but I was made believe that it is not fake. There are moments when scholar had to use fire on the skin of the girl. At the very least that can’t be acting. Why don’t you watch the whole video and let us know your thoughts.

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4 –   Two Girls Saw Ghost in Kitchen

It is an event recorded by an American mother. She was videotaping her two little girls playing together. After a few seconds, one of the girl started complaining that there is something in the kitchen right next to them. Mother and her sister did not take her seriously at first and laughed at her.

It got out of hands when the second sister looked into kitchen and let out a big scary scream. Then she also started crying. Video couldn’t record anything in the kitchen. The mother was laughing even till the end of the video. However, later she realized that it is really the girl haunted by demon or a ghost after watching the video. Watch the following video and share your opinion on all videos in comments below.

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