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Top 13 Countries Where Child Marriage and Sex is Legal

Child marriage is considered incredibly evil in most parts of the world. Kids are supposed to be live loved like sons and daughters but not everyone thinks the same way. Sexual attraction to kids called paedophilia and it is illegal in almost every country. So you think that this must be illegal in all countries but the facts will surprise you.

You must be thinking of India or Afghanistan when you read the title. There may be such cases covered by media in these countries but they do not legally allow sexual relation with children. However there are some developed countries where marriage and sex with little girls in not prohibited by the government. Here I am sharing top 13 countries where child marriage and sex is actually legal.

13 –   Argentina

Argentina is a South American nation and men are allowed to marry as little as 13 year old girls.

12 –   South Korea

I am not talking about the dictatorship North Korea but developed South Korea. Men can legally marry and have sexual relationship with 13 year old girls.

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11 –   Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a country in West Africa where law allows to marry 13 year old girls.

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10 –   Sahwari Arab

Sahwari Arab is a recognized state in west Sahara and marriage is legally allowed to 13 year old girl.

9 –   Niger

Republic of the Niger is another western African country where men can marry girls as young as 13 year old girls as per law.

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8 –   Comoros

Comoros is an East African island nation that permits men to have marriage with 13 year old girls.

7 –   Japan

One may expect better from a developed country such as Japan. It is a little known fact that men legally marry 13 year old girl.

6 –   Iran

Iran permits men and women to marry as young as 13 year old however not without marriage.

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5 –   Angola

Angola is a Southern African nation where child marriage with 13 year old kid is permitted by its law.

4 –   Philippines

Philippines has already gained a bad name for child prostitution. It is allowed to marry as young as 12 year old kids as per Philippine law.

3 –   Mexico

Men can have sexual relationship or marriage with girls as young as 12 year old in Mexico. I bet you didn’t know that. According to UNICEF, 5% of girls in Mexico are married before the age of 15.

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2 –   Yemen

There has been numerous cases of child marriage in this country that were covered by media. As it is a Muslim country, they do not allow sex before marriage no matter what. However, men can marry girls as young as 12 year old as per state law. There was also one news of 11 year old girl died giving birth who married to a 24 year old man.

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1 –   Top in Child Marriage: Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia topped the list because men can marry girl of any age in this country. I mean literally any age no matter how young.

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Following Countries Allow To Marry 14 Years Old Girls

There are over 40 countries where marriage to 14 year old kids is allowed. They believe that at this age, they are ready and capable of having sexual relationship. I believe they may be physically ready as they have hit puberty but are they mentally ready? Following are just few developed countries that allow sex and marriage with 14 year olds that you didn’t expect. Just so you know India, Afghanistan and Pakistan are not in this list as child marriage is illegal in these countries.

  1. Germany
  2. Austria
  3. Italy
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Estonia
  6. Hungary
  7. China
  8. Portugal
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Brazil
  11. Colombia
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  1. From the British period (colonialism), 18 is the minimum age for girls to marry in Bangladesh.
    Never it was 14. Hundred of thousands brides (and parents also) arrested who tried to marry girls under 18 in Banglades.

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