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10 Things World Thinks How is Pakistan But Actually It’s Totally Opposite

It is my job to browse internet and keep myself updated with every trend and news. I have seen that in every international platform a bad image of Pakistan is represented. It is like Pakistan is a bad country full of hatred. I am a proud Pakistani and being a writer, I want to remove these misconceptions. What you hear and see are all false rumors spread by bad media and people who don’t like Pakistan. Here I am sharing top 10 things world thinks how is Pakistan. Whereas, it is entirely opposite in reality.

1 –   They Hate India

How is Pakistan with India imageI think it is normal if two countries don’t have relations. It is understandable that Pakistan and India are not exactly political best friends. But it does not mean that everyone in Pakistan hate Indians. I have seen news channels spreading only hatred news and I don’t know why. Nevertheless, I don’t hate India, my family doesn’t hate India, my friends don’t hate India and my students don’t hate. That’s how is Pakistan! My favourite sportsman is an Indian cricketer.

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2 –   They are Controlled by Terrorists

If someone is to say that our government is corrupt, I wouldn’t argue with that. On the contrary, being controlled by terrorists is taking it a little too far. How is Pakistan controlled by terrorists? Pakistan is a Nuclear power with 6th biggest and most disciplined army. Our Intelligence service was ranked world’s best. In fact, we have been fighting terrorists for many years.

How is Pakistan army
SSG Commandos to protect Pakistan

3 –   They are Narrow Minded

You would find narrow minded people in every country. There are people who lack education and ability to think. They are narrow minded. On the other hand, all educated people are always open to new things. This is how is Pakistan educate their kids. While America is one of most racist countries yet we never call them narrow minded. Then why only represent Pakistan as narrow minded.

4 –   They Only Wear Shalwar Qameez

How is Pakistan pathan iamge
It’s a picture from Afghanistan

Most of the world thinks Pakistanis look like the picture on right. First of all, that’s fashion in just some areas of Pakistan and mostly in Afghanistan. Although Shalwar Qameez is our national dress, we definitely don’t look creepy. We wear all kinds of clothes and there are multiple fashion and styles even in shalwar qameez. If someone was to ask how is Pakistan dressing sense, I would call it the best in world.


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5 –   They Oppress Women

If anything, women are respected most in Pakistan. It is considered rude for a man to even look a women in the eye out of respect for them. Men take special care of their women so they don’t have face any harsh situation. If you fight with a man, people will try befriend you both. On the contrary, men will beat the hell out of you if messed with a woman. ‘Killing in the name of honor’ is not how is Pakistan. It is just an illegal act by a schizophreniac and misrepresented by negative media.

How is Pakistan women image

6 –   They Marry Little Girls

How is Pakistan little girl image
Egyptian girl with baby brother

This one really hurt me the most. Just because there was a news of a man marrying a little girl in some rural area of Pakistan does not mean Pakistani people marry little girls. Child marriages are illegal in Pakistan. We call every women of our mother’s age Aunty or Khaala (also means aunty). Girl is addressed as Beti (daughter) or behna (sister) if she is younger than us. We most certainly are people who stand by what we say. And that’s how is Pakistan.


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7 –   Tourists are Kidnapped There

Seriously, when? Pakistan is working hard to attract tourists. Moreover, special security and respect is given to them in this country. Do you know what happened when a few years ago foreign tourists were kidnapped in an undeveloped area of Pakistan. Whole Pakistani government and all secret agencies burnt the mid night oil. Best of the commando units were sent to rescue them. Hence, they were rescued safely and unharmed.

8 –   They Lack Education

Pakistan is as educated as any other country. At present, we may not be the leaders in the field of education however no one can call us illiterate. Why world outsource their work to Pakistan if we are illiterate. Literacy rate is 96% in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad.

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9 –   There is no Natural Beauty

I don’t even need to say anything here. Just Google “Northern Pakistan” and you will get your answer. You will find all and best of every weather in Pakistan. Pakistan has the best of the mountains and lakes. You must have heard Himalayas, they are in Pakistan. There is a lot for foreigner tourists. Pakistan has its own unique culture, traditions and history.

How is Pakistan Natural beauty image
A picture from Northern Pakistan

10 –   It’s World of Man

How is Pakistan world of manOnce a female writer commented about Lahore city of Pakistan that it’s a world of just men. She stated there are so many men found and no woman. There were more female teachers than male teachers  in my university. Women here work side by side with men. Just visit any village in Pakistan and see them even working in fields with men if you don’t believe me then.

That female writer just visited an area called ‘Old Lahore’. That is a poor and labour area in this city that is why mostly men are found there on streets. Our women don’t have to do labour as they can always find decent work. More than half of Pakistan’s population comprises female.

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